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Domain Name Forwarding Services

Domain Information

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the domain that I am selecting does not belong to anyone else and that I have checked the WHOIS Database to ensure that the domain name is not currently in use.

Domain names may be up to 25 characters in length (including the .com, .net, .org part), may only include letters, numbers, and the hyphen (-), and must begin with a letter or number.

The domain name I prefer is: 

This domain is: New Already Registered

Domain names must be registered to a company or individual. If you are registering this domain name on behalf of a company, you should use the exact name and spelling of the company, including the Inc., LLC, Ltd., etc. portion of the name. Once you have registered a domain name, you cannot change the domain name's owner.

This domain will belong to:  

You or someone else must act as the contact person for this domain. Please enter the information for this person.

First Name:                  
Last Name:                   
Street Address:              
Zip/Postal Code:             
Fax (optional):              
Email address:               

Forwarding Options

Any requests made for the domain name I have specified will be forwarded to the URL I have designated here:


Any email sent to the domain name I have specified will be forwarded to the email address designated here:

I can specify up to 10 additional mappings for email. For example, I may want to be forwarded to and to be forwarded to Any usernames that do not have a corresponding mapping will be delivered to the default email address designated above.
           (example)          (example)

Billing Interval

I understand that I may choose to have Seagull Networks bill me for forwarding services at a specified interval. If not otherwise specified, the billing interval will be monthly.

Billing Interval:            $7/month
                             $30/six months

Payment Method

Enter information about the payment method to be used for this account. Please note that we now require the name and customer service telephone number of the issuing bank for credit cards. In order to prevent fraud, for new customer accounts, we will contact the issuing bank for verification purposes.

Type of Payment:              Visa

Card Number:                 
Expiration Date:             
Name as it appears on card:  
Name of issuing bank:         (on credit card)
Telephone number of bank:     (on credit card or monthly statement)

Other Information

Where did you hear about us?  (optional)
Comments:                     (optional)

By submitting this order, I agree to the folIowing points, each of which I have checked. An order without all points checked will not be processed.

I agree to the Seagull Networks Terms of Service (TOS) and understand that failure to observe these rules are grounds for immediate cancellation of my account, without notice.

If I have selected a new domain with a billing interval of one year, I understand that Seagull Networks will register my domain on my behalf and that the standard yearly registration fee of $18 will be waived as long as the domain is hosted by Seagull Networks. If I have selected an existing domain name, I certify that I own the domain name in question. I have also read and agreed to the Domain Name Registration Agreement.

I understand that my credit card will be billed as "Seagull Networks", and I acknowledge that I have authorization to use the credit card account in question. I also understand that the account billing contact will be billed on the same day that my account is activated, and also be billed on or around the same day each subsequent month.

I understand that I may cancel my account at any time.

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